connect external monitor to laptop

How To Attach An External Monitor To Your Laptop Computer

Number of reason you may need to attach external monitor to your laptop. As you move with you laptop and planning for presentation. In that case you need to attach projector screen to your laptop for larger output. Or it may possible that your laptop screen is not working properly and you want to use laptop. So you have to connect external monitor.

It is vary easy to attach external monitor to your laptop it will not require much technical knowledge. Bu you laptop must have VGA POST (15 pins). Generally VGA port has 15 pins and it is in blue color. Now connect external monitor to VGA port same as you desktop computer. And you monitor may require to connect to power supply.

Now important point is some laptop automates the starting of monitor. Or some laptop require software or special keyboard command to start monitor.(keyboard’s function key F5 / f6 is normally used for shifting between laptop lcd screen and external monitor )

Now you have attached external monitor to laptop now you need to configure screen which is given in user manual of laptop. It is only some keyboard key you need to press to use external monitor which is given in manual.

Now you have instructed the computer about the external monitor, windows also need to configure how the second laptop computer monitor will be used. You will assign one monitor as the primary monitor and another as the second
Here are the steps for windows to attach external monitor to laptop:
1. click on start > setting >open Control Panel.
2. find the “Display" icon. Double click to open it. This will give you dialog box for Display Properties.
3. now open setting inside the display property.
4. go to the numerical icon to assign primary and secondary monitor.
now checkmark “use this device as the primary monitor" according to your need. And save changes.
You have connected external monitor to laptop.