Howto decode laptop notebook model code number

How to know laptop notebook model code number

When you contact customer care for hardware issue about your laptop they ask about your laptops model number. That number is in code like this

Laptop Model Code: A8Jn16DSM100Td

Separate it to this: A8-Jn-16-DSM-100-Td
This code number indicate entire hardware specification of your laptop. That helps you when u need to replace any laptop hardware. Here is the way to decode it.

'A' for Asus for sure, very smart

Separate it to this: A8-Jn-16-DSM-100-Td

this code is made up of sub colour. Each color indicate some special thing.

Red: Notebook series model
Orange: Graphic card model
Green: CPU clock
Blue: Optical drive type
Purple: Harddisk capacity
Black: CPU type

Some notebook series models

A8 = All-purpose laptop with 14" wide screen, 2.4 kg. weight
A9 = Large laptop 15" , 3.2 kg. weight
F2 = Large laptop่ 15" , 2.9 kg. weight
F3 = Large laptop 15" wide screen, 2.9 kg. weight
M9 = Small laptop 14" , 2 kg. weight (light)
U5 = Small laptop 12" , 1.4 weight (very light)

Some graphic card models

H, F, R is on-board unit
Jn = Geforce 7300 (replacement of Jc)
Jm = Geforce 7600
Js = Geforce 7700
Je = Radeon X1450
Ja = Radeon X1600
Jp = Radeon X1700

CPU clocks

CPU clock is 16. The number sixteen must be calculated before knowing real CPU clock. To calculate the clock, simply divide that number by 10 and the result is the minimum range of clock frequency, that is 1.6 Ghz. For the maximum range, just put 9 at the end of the minimum range, and you'll get 1.69 as a result.
Total CPU clock available for this model is between 1.6 to 1.69 Ghz.

Optical drive type

DSM = DVD Super Multi
CMC = Combo Drive

Harddisk capacity

The unit of harddisk capacity showed as GB (Gigabytes), so 100 means 100 GB

CPU Type

c = Celeron
d = Core Duo
Td = Core 2 Duo

For the nearly coming CPU - Core 2 Quad, its code should be something like "Tq". And you may made a guess for more future model codes or even those existing model codes in the market.

this code decode is for asus laptop. The basics are same for all kind of laptop may be free things vary as per the laptop brand.