how to disassemble a laptop

Hear in detail help for how to open laptop with picture. It is almost same basic method for all type of laptop like Toshiba, hp, dell etc. it is difficult to explain each type of laptop. I will guide you about opening a laptop - Toshiba Satellite A60/A65 laptop and replace the system board.

Reverse the laptop as shown in the figure. And remove the battery. Open the the screws from back side for the Wi-Fi card cover, the modem card cover, the memory card cover, the hard disk cover.

Take out the Wi-Fi card cover, the memory card cover, the modem card cover, the hard drive cover. Place them at safe place.

Remove all screws on the bottom. You will find lots of screws soo dude don’t worry and keep doing.

You may require to Open the DVD drive with a paper clip.
Carefully take out the DVD drive from the computer. In most of the computer one screw from the back site of the laptop fix the DVD Drive. So you have to remove all the screw from the bottom of the laptop.

sTEP 5
Now as shown in the figure. Insert a thin object under the securing strip(keyboard bezel) and lift it up. Be careful, it may be very tight(there are no screw at keyboard bezel in most of the cases)

Take out the securing strip(keyboard bezel).

Now you can see two screws securing the keyboard and these screws are easily visible remove those screws.

Now careful keyboard is connected with flate ribbon cable to the system board. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the main board and remove the keyboard.