Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop Keyboard Repair - Removing and replacing laptop keyboard

Hear is detailed guide to laptop keyboard repair and replacement do it yourself keyboard replair. It is not possible to explain all the laptop model but you can get ideal how to replace keyboard.

Note:-If your laptop is under warranty then I advice to contact your local service center.

First unplug AC adapter and remove batter before opening laptop case and proceed on your own risk.
I am explaining laptop keyboard repairing and replacement for Sony vaio model number:- pcg-9s1L laptop and method will be similler to other sony laptop also.

Keep all tool set for laptop and Insert flathead screwdriver under the keyboard bezel and lift it up with light pressure upwards and releasing plastic latches and with your hand’s finger removing the keyboard bezel.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Don’t apply much force to remove bazel as in some laptop bezel might be connected to the motherboard as it is shown in the picture. If something is attached with keyboard bazel do not remove it as it is not necessary to disconnect the keyboard bezel to replace laptop keyboard. Purpose of removing bezel is to get access the keyboard screws.

Repair Laptop Keyboard

Remove three or some time more screws from the top of the keyboard. Carefully lift up the keyboard from the laptop case.

How to Repair Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard is connected with motherboard with a flat ribbon cable. You need to unlock the connector. You can unlock connector while pressing it toward the laptop lcd screen.
Laptop Keyboard Problem

This picture shows how to unlock the keyboard connector. Carefully move the connector lock 2-3 millimeters up and then pull the keyboard cable. To Attach the keyboard follow these all steps in last to first steps.