Laptop Lcd Repair

Laptop Lcd Repair

It is common problem that laptop lcd not working. For Laptop Lcd Repair and troubleshoot first you need to check whether video display card working properly or not. So you need to connect external monitor to the VGA port normally back side of laptop. If you get clear image that mean your video card is working properly and problem is with your lcd screen.

Now there are two possibility either lcd screen compeletely out of order or it may working but very very dull. So screen is getting perfect data from video card but there still problem with lcd and most probably problem with backlight lamp

So from this you can guess that problem related to faulty inverter board, back light lamp or lid switch. You need to check all of them.

LID close switch is a small button which triggers sleep mode or hibernation when screen is closed. Lid switch located near LCD screan.So make sure the lid switch moves freely. If lid close switch is dirtly then it might get stuck and soo it cut power from inverter board and invertor board works as power supply for backlight lamp and if there is no power then the backlight lamp will not light up soo lcd screen get very very dull display.

Laptop Lcd Repair

If now you find that LID switch working properly is did not stuck then problem may be with inverter board or backlight lamp. Now press lid button very fast and check lcd light up for sometime or not and if it light up then also check image is clear or pinkish or other colour shown in image(I mean image is crystal clear or not).

If you get pinkish image that means inverter board working properly but problem is with backlight lamp. But still if you want to troubleshoot in details then you can check the laptop with another invertor board and if with another invertor board laptop is not working properly then you can judge that problem is with backlight lamp. Soo now you replace backlight lamp with another backlight lamp and your laptop will work properly
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