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Notebook repair blog - I created this blog to share my laptop troubleshooting experience with other. This will guide you about laptop keyboard repair and laptop lcd repair , how to open notebook computer for troubleshooting and how to repair water spilled on laptop.

For laptop troubleshooting there is different solution for different problem so I have created individual post for each major problem.

Laptop keyboard repair :- .there are many people looking for technical help about laptop keyboard repairing and how to replace notebook keyboard or how to fix laptop key problem as some keys are not working. Laptop keyboard is most roughly used component and I personally seen many laptop keyboard problem. I created Laptop Keyboard Repair post to help you about this entire problem.

Laptop lcd repair: - laptop lcd screen is the most delicate part and it fold and unfold many time. Also the circuit that connect motherboard and laptop lcd screen is vary movable. So there are many problems like lcd display become dark, flickering of display or sometime you many need to replace laptop lcd . I explained everything in details about Laptop Lcd Repair. It is not possible to explain about each type of laptop lcd like Toshiba, hp Compaq etc. I explain lcd troubleshooting of one laptop so you can have idea how to troubleshoot lcd problem,

How to open a notebook laptop: - for laptop troubleshooting and repairing you may need to replace or repair many laptop parts. You may need to test different part for checking purpose. And also for do it yourself notebook repairing you must know How to Open a Notebook and assemble or disassemble laptop.

Laptop troubleshooting:- there are many common laptop problem which you can troubleshoot at you own without any help from technical support. I covered few important issues and I also planning to add few more laptop troubleshooting guide in future.

laptop troubleshooting
Spilled water on laptop: - now a days laptop and mobile are vary common and people use to work with laptop while watching tv or taking dinner or tea or water. It is the most common problem that by mistake you may spilled water on your laptop keyboard or may spill water or tea on lcd of your laptop. This water spilled on laptop may damage your notebook. In this post I covered how to troubleshoot spilled water damage on laptop.

Laptop resources

Here is the collection of sites and blogs about laptop troubleshooting and notebook repairing. Purpose of this post is to provide valuable information about notebook reviews and cheap laptop guide to the visitors.

Laptop Repairs

One most common problem is Toshiba laptop suddenly shuts down by itself without any warning. Sometimes it works fine for hours, sometimes it shuts down in 10-15 minutes.” This complaint hear over and over again. now the major problem OVERHEATING!
This is one of the most common problems with Toshiba laptops we deal with.
Indications of laptop overheating problem:
1. Laptop”s back side and keyboard are become very hot when the laptop is working.
2. The CPU fans become more noisy and working all the time at maximum rotation speed.
3. laptop shuts down automatically without warning. Initially shut down after 1-2 hours andthen every 5-10 minutes of operation.
4. The laptop working fine in idle condition but it shut down when you use high memary application like DVD player, image editing software.

Note:-If your laptop is under warranty then I advice to contect your local service center.
1)First you need to clean laptop with canned air, air compressor or vaccum to suck dust out. In majority of laptop you can access through the opening on the bottom or on the sides. But in some laptop like Toshiba satellite A70/A75 you have to open laptop case to access heat sink.
2) check the CPU heatsink is properly attached with processor. I also recommend to apply new thermal grease (between processor and heatsink) for better heat conductivity
1. If your cpu fan make unsual sound while it spins(grinding sound) It is adviceble to replace your fan.
2. Clean the fan and the heatsink with compressed air.
3. Also check the RAM and if require then upgrade it. Your RAM size always more then optimum recommended by operating system.

Toshiba Satellite A15 Clogged Heatsink
Notebook Repair

Toshiba Satellite A35 Clogged Heatsink

Toshiba Satellite P15 Clogged Heatsink. Absolute champion

laptop computer repair

how to clean a laptop screen

As most time people asking about how to clean a laptop screen. As everyone like to regain shine like new laptop screen.

Steps for how to clean laptop screen lcd

Turn off your laptop and if possible also remove the battery. This is for safety issue. And it is easier to find dust on lcd against the dark background.

1)Create solution for screen cleaning
Mix distilled water with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) not more than 50% alcohol. Keep in mind isopropyl alcohol is TOXIC DO NOT DRINK. Commercial screen cleaner contain the same mixture. Even you can try CD/DVD cleaner. Before using any screen cleaner refer manufacturer’s manual for cleaning.
2. now use some spritzer bottle filled with diluted isopropyl. If you apply too much of the solution and it leaves your screen damp, simply wipe off the excessive solution from screen.
3. Now apply mixture to microfiber cloth or cotton cloth, such as an old T-shirt. Microfibre cloths can do better job as it can pick up dust and removing smudges. They will even remove oily fingerprints from a surface without spreading it around and without any additional cleaners.
Paper towel, Tissues or toilet paper will leave fine flakes of paper on your lcd or monitor avoid using them.
The most common type of screen cleaning is dust or stain on lcd screen. moisten the cloth Make sure the cloth is damp NOT wet as excess moisture. Apply light pressure to wipe laptop lcd screen for cleaning and do not apply excessive pressure on screen. It may result in scratches on the surface. It is good idea to move cloth in counter –clockwise against the screen.

Care for laptop screen cleaning
do not use ball-point-pen or screwdriver to rub the surface to remove stain.
Do not place mobile or rubber on your lcd.
Touching the screen with fingers will result in oily fingerprints.
Do not expose screen to sunlight for longer time

how to take apart notebook

Now you can fine one cable(most probably black colors) from LCD and it is connected to system board. Disconnect the LCD cable from the system board.
Remove the screw connecting the LCD cable to the base.
Disconnect the flat LED board cable from the system board.

Carefully lift the display/LCD assembly off the base.

The display/top cover assembly - LCD assembly and top cover assembly connected by hinges

Remove the screw securing the HardDisk holder.
Remove the Hard disk holder.
Disconnect the left and right speaker cables from the system board.

Now remove five screws securing the heatsink assembly for CPU. And disconnect the fan cable from the main board

Carefully take out the heat sink off the CPU. And be sure to put heat sink thermal jel /glue when reconnecting the heat sink.

Remove two screws normally at the corner side connecting the system board to the base

Now lift of the system board starting from the left side, be careful with the PC card connector.

Remove the system board off the base.

Notebook Screen Troubleshooting

Notebook Laptop Screen Troubleshooting

Read Laptop Lcd Repair before this
laptop video fails in a little bit different way. In this case the backlight lamp hasn’t failed completely.Another video problem backlight lamp working but in faulty way. Notebook Repair Screen

Laptop lcd working initially when laptop start but it has reddish tone and screen flickers and then it makes buzzing noise from backlight an invertor area and after sometime backlight turns off automatically and no buzzling sound and finally image on screen is visible but very very dark.

Notebook Lcd Display Troubleshooting

In this case you need to check lcd with working backlight lamp I am sure there must be problem with backlight lamp.

how to Rectify Notebook Screen Problem

Now also read spilled Water on laptop. this post explain how to open and replace notebook lcd and repair notebook lcd.

Howto decode laptop notebook model code number

How to know laptop notebook model code number

When you contact customer care for hardware issue about your laptop they ask about your laptops model number. That number is in code like this

Laptop Model Code: A8Jn16DSM100Td

Separate it to this: A8-Jn-16-DSM-100-Td
This code number indicate entire hardware specification of your laptop. That helps you when u need to replace any laptop hardware. Here is the way to decode it.

'A' for Asus for sure, very smart

Separate it to this: A8-Jn-16-DSM-100-Td

this code is made up of sub colour. Each color indicate some special thing.

Red: Notebook series model
Orange: Graphic card model
Green: CPU clock
Blue: Optical drive type
Purple: Harddisk capacity
Black: CPU type

Some notebook series models

A8 = All-purpose laptop with 14" wide screen, 2.4 kg. weight
A9 = Large laptop 15" , 3.2 kg. weight
F2 = Large laptop่ 15" , 2.9 kg. weight
F3 = Large laptop 15" wide screen, 2.9 kg. weight
M9 = Small laptop 14" , 2 kg. weight (light)
U5 = Small laptop 12" , 1.4 weight (very light)

Some graphic card models

H, F, R is on-board unit
Jn = Geforce 7300 (replacement of Jc)
Jm = Geforce 7600
Js = Geforce 7700
Je = Radeon X1450
Ja = Radeon X1600
Jp = Radeon X1700

CPU clocks

CPU clock is 16. The number sixteen must be calculated before knowing real CPU clock. To calculate the clock, simply divide that number by 10 and the result is the minimum range of clock frequency, that is 1.6 Ghz. For the maximum range, just put 9 at the end of the minimum range, and you'll get 1.69 as a result.
Total CPU clock available for this model is between 1.6 to 1.69 Ghz.

Optical drive type

DSM = DVD Super Multi
CMC = Combo Drive

Harddisk capacity

The unit of harddisk capacity showed as GB (Gigabytes), so 100 means 100 GB

CPU Type

c = Celeron
d = Core Duo
Td = Core 2 Duo

For the nearly coming CPU - Core 2 Quad, its code should be something like "Tq". And you may made a guess for more future model codes or even those existing model codes in the market.

this code decode is for asus laptop. The basics are same for all kind of laptop may be free things vary as per the laptop brand.

How to install wireless card on laptop

Diffrent laptop have diffrent place for wirelesscard. here is the bottom view of laptop that shows wireless card. But the method to install and remove wirelesscard is almost same for diffrent laptop like toshiba, hp, dell etc.

There are two color antenna wires connected to the wireless card. White wire is for main connector on the card.Black wire is for the auxiliary connector on the card.

To disconnect the antenna wire grasp with finger and unsnap it from the card.

Now spread latches as shown with red arrow on both sides of the wireless card slot to release the card.

The wireless card will comes up at 30 degrees angle

Now as shown with red arrows Pull the wireless card from the slot.

To install the wireless card follow the steps in reverse direction.

how to add ram to laptop

How to add remove and installing laptop ram memory. The steps are common for all types of laptops like hp, acer Toshiba etc. but the place for the ram may different for different laptops. Ram is on the back side of laptop and on the cover there is a image stampl on cover.

Remove one screw of the memory cover. after that you can see memory ram installed on motherboard yellow arrow indicate the ram.

As shown in the picture with red arrow Carefully spread latches on both sides of the memory slot with fingers.

The memory module will come out at 30 degrees angle. Remove as shown in read arrow direction.

To install memory follows the steps in reverse direction.

how to disassemble a laptop

Hear in detail help for how to open laptop with picture. It is almost same basic method for all type of laptop like Toshiba, hp, dell etc. it is difficult to explain each type of laptop. I will guide you about opening a laptop - Toshiba Satellite A60/A65 laptop and replace the system board.

Reverse the laptop as shown in the figure. And remove the battery. Open the the screws from back side for the Wi-Fi card cover, the modem card cover, the memory card cover, the hard disk cover.

Take out the Wi-Fi card cover, the memory card cover, the modem card cover, the hard drive cover. Place them at safe place.

Remove all screws on the bottom. You will find lots of screws soo dude don’t worry and keep doing.

You may require to Open the DVD drive with a paper clip.
Carefully take out the DVD drive from the computer. In most of the computer one screw from the back site of the laptop fix the DVD Drive. So you have to remove all the screw from the bottom of the laptop.

sTEP 5
Now as shown in the figure. Insert a thin object under the securing strip(keyboard bezel) and lift it up. Be careful, it may be very tight(there are no screw at keyboard bezel in most of the cases)

Take out the securing strip(keyboard bezel).

Now you can see two screws securing the keyboard and these screws are easily visible remove those screws.

Now careful keyboard is connected with flate ribbon cable to the system board. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the main board and remove the keyboard.

Laptop Lcd Repair

Laptop Lcd Repair

It is common problem that laptop lcd not working. For Laptop Lcd Repair and troubleshoot first you need to check whether video display card working properly or not. So you need to connect external monitor to the VGA port normally back side of laptop. If you get clear image that mean your video card is working properly and problem is with your lcd screen.

Now there are two possibility either lcd screen compeletely out of order or it may working but very very dull. So screen is getting perfect data from video card but there still problem with lcd and most probably problem with backlight lamp

So from this you can guess that problem related to faulty inverter board, back light lamp or lid switch. You need to check all of them.

LID close switch is a small button which triggers sleep mode or hibernation when screen is closed. Lid switch located near LCD screan.So make sure the lid switch moves freely. If lid close switch is dirtly then it might get stuck and soo it cut power from inverter board and invertor board works as power supply for backlight lamp and if there is no power then the backlight lamp will not light up soo lcd screen get very very dull display.

Laptop Lcd Repair

If now you find that LID switch working properly is did not stuck then problem may be with inverter board or backlight lamp. Now press lid button very fast and check lcd light up for sometime or not and if it light up then also check image is clear or pinkish or other colour shown in image(I mean image is crystal clear or not).

If you get pinkish image that means inverter board working properly but problem is with backlight lamp. But still if you want to troubleshoot in details then you can check the laptop with another invertor board and if with another invertor board laptop is not working properly then you can judge that problem is with backlight lamp. Soo now you replace backlight lamp with another backlight lamp and your laptop will work properly
Laptop Lcd Replacement
Troubleshoot Laptop Lcd

Laptop Lcd Problems

here is another post for Laptop Screen Troubleshooting for backlight failure.

how to change install laptop harddrive

First You must power of the laptop and remove battery.
Turn the notebook over. Now different laptop have different place for hard disk.figure shown back view of laptop harddrive place.

But the steps provided here are the most common step for hard disk replacements.
The arrow indicate the screw for the hard disk drive Remove the hdd screw, then take out the hard drive case out.

• Hard disk is fixed in case (hard drive tray) with screws. Remove the screws place it at secure place you require those screws while installing the hard disk.

• Remove the hard drive from case.

• The hard drive is connected with ribbon cable remove it. For reinstalling the hard drive follow the reverse steps.

how to open a laptop

Modem card is still connected to the system board with screws securing the modem card. If you want you can remove modem card.

Remove the screw securing the optical drive holder.The screw is hidden under the black tape.

Remove the optical drive holder

Remove four screws securing the card bus connector (PC card connector).

Turn the system board right side up.
Carefully remove the cardbus connector.


Unlock the CPU and lift it off the system board.

Turn the system board upside down.
Remove two screws securing the video chip fan.

Remove the fan cable on the system board.
Remove the video chip fan.

Hay great techie guy you have done it.