Laptop Troubleshooting

Notebook repair blog - I created this blog to share my laptop troubleshooting experience with other. This will guide you about laptop keyboard repair and laptop lcd repair , how to open notebook computer for troubleshooting and how to repair water spilled on laptop.

For laptop troubleshooting there is different solution for different problem so I have created individual post for each major problem.

Laptop keyboard repair :- .there are many people looking for technical help about laptop keyboard repairing and how to replace notebook keyboard or how to fix laptop key problem as some keys are not working. Laptop keyboard is most roughly used component and I personally seen many laptop keyboard problem. I created Laptop Keyboard Repair post to help you about this entire problem.

Laptop lcd repair: - laptop lcd screen is the most delicate part and it fold and unfold many time. Also the circuit that connect motherboard and laptop lcd screen is vary movable. So there are many problems like lcd display become dark, flickering of display or sometime you many need to replace laptop lcd . I explained everything in details about Laptop Lcd Repair. It is not possible to explain about each type of laptop lcd like Toshiba, hp Compaq etc. I explain lcd troubleshooting of one laptop so you can have idea how to troubleshoot lcd problem,

How to open a notebook laptop: - for laptop troubleshooting and repairing you may need to replace or repair many laptop parts. You may need to test different part for checking purpose. And also for do it yourself notebook repairing you must know How to Open a Notebook and assemble or disassemble laptop.

Laptop troubleshooting:- there are many common laptop problem which you can troubleshoot at you own without any help from technical support. I covered few important issues and I also planning to add few more laptop troubleshooting guide in future.

laptop troubleshooting
Spilled water on laptop: - now a days laptop and mobile are vary common and people use to work with laptop while watching tv or taking dinner or tea or water. It is the most common problem that by mistake you may spilled water on your laptop keyboard or may spill water or tea on lcd of your laptop. This water spilled on laptop may damage your notebook. In this post I covered how to troubleshoot spilled water damage on laptop.